Dishwashers aren’t sexy

How much, pray tell, do you love this kitchen?  It’s from Lonny and personally I adore it.  I wish I’d had the guts for marble counters.  But I drink far too much red wine in Winter to take that particular design leap.  I especially love that the door to this all-white kitchen is black.  It adds much-needed weight to the right side of the room and I wouldn’t have thought of it in a million years.  I may need to paint one of my own doors a sudden, accidental, and yet absolutely sensible kind of color like black or navy.


I love the floating shelving.  I know that those of you who inherited the practicality gene (which skipped me) are thinking, “But where do they store their ugly things?”   Let’s just pretend that there’s a giant pantry to the left of the fridge, shall we?  (The Lonny stylist had to have stashed a few ugly things somewhere.)  Open shelving is a cheap & practical kitchen design solution.   I didn’t even realize that it was practical until after I’d done it.  I just thought it was lovely.  And we couldn’t afford any more cabinets.


What would I change in this fabulous kitchen?  Well, thanks for asking.  I would have put a custom panel on the dishwasher to match the cabinets.  To me, the stainless dishwasher is a distraction.  Subzero fridges are sexy.  That range is totally sexy.  Dishwashers aren’t sexy.  It’s like going to a lovely beach and seeing an unattractive man in a thong; cover it up, please.  Thank you.


Now, what would you keep or change in this delightfully light filled kitchen?



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